It is a great honor in the life of a nurse...

The Great 100 Nurses Foundation was founded by PK Scheerle, RN in New Orleans, Louisiana thirty-two years ago. Since its founding, the Great 100 Celebrations have honored thousands of Nurses across Louisiana, North Carolina, Texas, Oklahoma and now Arkansas! These exemplary Nurses are selected based on their concern for humanity, their contributions to the profession of Nursing, and their mentoring of others. It is a great honor in the life of the Nurse to be selected as a Great 100 Honoree and our Foundation helps each RN recognize themselves as Nurse Heroes.

We are very proud of our program. Each year, community, health care, government leaders, family, friends and peers join together to honor these Great 100 Nurses.

The funds we raise through our Celebration are used not only to honor the nurses you will meet at our annual Celebrations, but to also support nursing advocacy, nursing scholarships, and nursing research for the betterment of lives, publication of nursing discoveries and the implementation of those discoveries.

The Great 100 Nurses Celebration belongs to everyone who has met and been touched by an exceptional Nurse!

Great 100 Nurses Celebration of Oklahoma

Monday, September 23, 2019
Hard Rock Hotel & Casino
777 W. Cherokee St
Catoosa, OK 74015
(Doors Open at 6:00pm)

Keynote Speaker: Susan Hassmiller

By Personal Invitation Only

Honorees and their guests are invited to attend our annual Great 100 Nurses Celebration at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Tulsa. A lovely sit-down dinner will be served after the recognition ceremony.

Now is your chance to honor those special nurses…

We have all met an outstanding nurse whose courage, stamina, and compassion makes a difference. Now you can honor that special nurse who has exemplified concern for humanity, dedication to the great profession of nursing, and the mentoring of others.

Directions for Nomination Submission:

  • Ensure nominee is currently a Registered Nurse in the state of their nomination and has not been previously selected as a Great 100 Honoree.
  • For the Oklahoma Celebration, the completed nomination form must be received no later than August 5, 2019 to be eligible for consideration. Forms may be completed electronically and emailed to nominations@g100nurses.org, faxed to (504)217-5468, or mailed to the address on the form.
  • Announcement of the Great 100 Nurses for Oklahoma will be made in early August 2019.
  • Each Great 100 Nurse will receive a certificate and custom pin in honor of their accomplishments.
  • You may nominate as many qualified nurses as you feel appropriate.

An anonymous panel of nurses select the Great 100 Nurse Honorees based on the following criteria:

  • How has your nominee shown concern for humanity?

  • What do you consider your nominee's most significant contribution to the profession?

  • How has your nominee served as a mentor or role model for others?

>> Nominations are now open until August 5, 2019 <<


Our success is due to our many sponsors every year.

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Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Tulsa

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GIFTED Healthcare
INTEGRIS Grove Hospital/ INTEGRIS Miami Hospital
OU Medicine

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Cherokee Nation Health Services

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Cancer Treatment Centers of America
Oklahoma Cancer Specialists and Research Institute
Oklahoma State University Medical Center
St. John Health System

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Northeastern Health System

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Community Hospital
Saint Francis Health System


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Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Tulsa

Gifted Healthcare
INTEGRIS Grove Hospital
INTEGRIS Miami Hospital
St. John Health Systems

Cherokee Nation Health Services

Cancer Treatment Centers of America
Oklahoma Cancer Specialists and Research Institute
Oklahoma State University Medical Center
Saint Francis Health System

Bailey Medical Center
Community Hospital


The Great 100 Nurses Celebration Honorees

2018 Honorees
Sherry Aaron, RN

Bryan Anderson, RN

Cecily Anderson, RN

Marlene Asmussen, RN

Cherry Bark, RN

Jean Ann Bartow, RN

Grace Bedford, RN

Susan Bedwell, RN

Kari Beem, RN

Celeste Bidwell, RN

Amanda Bobo, RN

Letitia Breath, RN

Dana Brooks, RN

LaVette Brooks, RN

Roberta Burton, RN

Tesie Cates, RN

Carolyn Clark, RN

Kathy Corbell, RN

Marcie Cozad, RN

Rebecca Davis, RN

Devyn Denton, RN

Randi Duncan, RN

Pamela Duncan, RN

Shannon Fanning, RN

Rhonda Farris, RN

Heather Fenton, RN

Laci Fleenor, RN

Shenna Franklin, RN

Tracy Frost, RN

Arnold Galvez, RN

Douglas Gibson, RN

Annie Goeppinger, RN

Maxine Graham, RN

Heather Graham, RN

Rachelle Hawk, RN

Sue Henson, RN

Terressa Hindman, RN

Amelia Hite, RN

Maryavis Howell, RN

Jill Hughes, RN

Skylar Humble, RN

Pam Jackson, RN

Dianna Jameson, RN

Stacey Jarrard, RN

Todd Kahoe, RN

Deana Keeton, RN

Jamie Kilpatrick, RN

Jeneene Kitz, RN

Ryan Lawson, RN

Nancy Lee, RN

Marri Leedom, RN

Rebecca Loving, RN

Lisa Lyon, RN

Anna Mangimela, RN

Deborah Marouk, RN

Nikki Martinez, RN

Crystal McDaniel, RN

Mindy Miller, RN

Kammie Monarch, RN

Cheryl Moore, RN

Kristal Moore, RN

Rebel Nelson, RN

Regina Newby, RN

Darrin Nobis, RN

Krista Norrid, RN

Crystal Ogle, RN

Traci Owen, RN

Judy Owen, RN

Anna Page, RN

Linda Perron, RN

Nathaniel Pharr-Mahurin, RN

Cathy Pierce, RN

Ginger Pitman, RN

Andrea Polson, RN

Jenalea Pounds, RN

Sarah Reinke, RN

Taylor Risenhoover, RN

Brittany Ritchey, RN

Victoria Robertson, RN

Candace Schartz, RN

Terri Sharp, RN

Roxanne Shimp, RN

AnnaBelle Slater, RN

Quannah Smith, RN

Tara Smith, RN

Sarah Spurek, RN

Toni Steele, RN

Diana Sturdevant, RN

Robin Sumpter, RN

Benjamin Tedder, RN

Stephanie Thompson, RN

Kris Wallace, RN

Kimberly Walton, RN

Liz Webb, RN

Bryan Welch, RN

Sharon Wengier, RN

Mark Wheeler, RN

Christy Whisenhunt, RN

Stacie Willoughby, RN

Vanessa Wright, RN


2017 Honorees
Tyler Agee - RN Stella Austin - RN
Adeline Barber - RN Susan Barnes - RN
Sharon Bauer - RN Diane Bechtel - RN
Tracey Bennett - RN Connie Bettega - RN
Donna Bowers - RN Deborah Bradley - RN
Susan Brown - RN Jill Burger - RN
Katherine Burnett - RN Patsy Butler - RN
Susan Bylsma - RN Linda Bynum - RN
Amy Cantwell - RN Shannon Carter - RN
Linda Caton - RN Danuel Cloud - RN
RobAnn Cloud - RN Kimberly Costilow - RN
Karen Crittenden - RN Amber Curtis - RN
Olga Dargel - RN Connie Davis - RN
Tresa Dorman - RN Nanette Dozier - RN
Ruth Dunn - RN Ashley Edge - RN
Ahmad Elghazali - RN Christy Fees - RN
Jordan Fielden - RN Natasha Flurry - RN
Debra Folk - RN Ross Foote - RN
Misty Furgerson - RN Stacy Garrett - RN
Jay Gordon - RN Katherine Green - RN
Lakshmi Guda - RN Colinda Guthrie - RN
Maria Gutierrez - RN Michelle Gutierrez - RN
Ashley Harrell - RN Darold Hauserman - RN
Judith Hendricks - RN Zachary Howell - RN
Lindsey Huffman - RN Patricia Johnsons - RN
Kristi Kesler - RN Rebecca Kidwell - RN
Rebecca Kilmer - RN Beverly Lawrence - RN
Marilyn Loersch - RN Suzanne Lovell - RN
Patrick Lybarger - RN Rhonda McKee - RN
Janie Mendenhall - RN Mary Michener - RN
Melinda Moten - RN Roiann Musgrove - RN
Stacy Newberry - RN Madonna Newcomer - RN
Luann Nichols - RN Jamie Owens - RN
Stacie Pales - RN Donna Parmain - RN
Rebecca Pasternik-Ikard - RN Jerry Penner - RN
Sudherra Perera - RN Sandra Phipps - RN
Lorrie Pinkston - RN Shelby Ann Pope - RN
Stephanie Porter - RN Jeanine Portillo - RN
Laura Preston - RN Shelly Prince - RN
Debra Procter - RN Kari Ransdell - RN
Carolyn Reconnu-Shoffner - RN Patricia Rice - RN
Aubrey Richardson - RN Wanda Robison - RN
Sidney Robison - RN Olivia Rodriguez - RN
Kallin Smith - RN Lindsey Springsteen - RN
Barbara Still - RN Ryan Stilwell - RN
Kristen Tienda - RN Elizabeth Walker - RN
Virginia Welch - RN Jessica Whisenhunt - RN
Melissa Whitchurch - RN Sara White - RN
Rachel White - RN Patty Gayle Willcox - RN
Devin Wiseley - RN Susan Wood - RN

2016 Honorees
Mercyamma Abraham - RN Michael Allen - RN
Tracy Allen - RN Leah Anders - RN
Gayle Anderson - RN Misty Anderson - RN
Wayne Bahm - RN Deborah Baker - RN
Susan Banschbach - RN Morgan Baxter - RN
Ruth Brandenburg - RN Jason Brown - RN
Tanya Brown - RN Tery Lynn Caldwell - RN
Misty Cannon - RN Jennifer Cary - RN
Lindsay Castleman - RN Timothy Castoe - RN
Kevin Charboneau - RN Okja Chung - RN
Scott Corbell - RN Angela Cordova - RN
Shari Cottrell - RN Tammy Dause - RN
Amy Davis - RN Jacob Dickerson - RN
Carrie Dowdy - RN Kristie Downs - RN
Teresa Dunham - RN Candace Ellis - RN
Angela Elmore - RN Samantha Farmer - RN
Steven Fields - RN Trisha Ford - RN
Kendyl Fortner - RN Carol Fousel - RN
Abby Friesen - RN Amalia Gilley - RN
Sarah Givens - RN Brandy Goodwin - RN
Linda Gordon - RN Rebekah Gossett - RN
Brian Hail - RN Virginia Haisten - RN
Stephanie Hamilton - RN Tamara Hansen - RN
Marcia Harden - RN Amanda Harrell - RN
Deborah Hendricks - RN Michele Hood - RN
Michele Horn - RN Aaron Houston - RN
Gloria Houston - RN Robert Hutson - RN
Billye Jimerson - RN Sally Jane Johnson - RN
Ammie Kelley - RN Rebecca Kidwell - RN
Christi Jo King - RN Brittni Kline - RN
Debbie Kriegh - RN Jodi Letteer - RN
Katherine Love - RN Jimmie Maplethorpe - RN
Vicky McCulloch - RN Barbara McKie - RN
Thomas McNamara - RN Susan Nossaman - RN
Kimerly Osburn - RN Phillip Parker - RN
Debbie Jean Pender - RN Kathy Perry - RN
Alyssa Phillips - RN Anginette Rambo - RN
Mary Rapp - RN Jennifer Reagan - RN
Becky Reinholz - RN Tara Ritter - RN
Bobbie Schrum - RN Maralene Scott - RN
Kathleen Shannon - RN Randal Sherron - RN
Patricia Smiles - RN Jeannie Smith - RN
Joyce Sparks - RN Heather Spiegel - RN
Amy Stanley - RN Susan Stowell - RN
Sara Tennison - RN Betty Tullis - RN
Denise Van Hosen - RN Cassidy Varnell - RN
Sheila Villines - RN Elizabeth Weems - RN
Andrea Whinery - RN Cindy Whiting - RN
Robin Wilson - RN Bridget Wyatt - RN
Cassie York - RN Shane Young - RN

2015 Honorees
Linda Arend - RN Neddi Badgett - RN
Brandie Bell - RN Janis Bellew - RN
Angela Bidleman - RN Jennifer Bowman - RN
Scherrelle Branch - RN Ava Brannon - RN
September Brown - RN Amy Brown - RN
Jeannie Brumfield - RN Cindi Bryan - RN
Risa Burns - RN Susan Byars - RN
Vicki Caldwell - RN Debra Campbell - RN
Dana Cash - RN Lisa Cleveland - RN
Robin Coiner - RN Aileen Colon - RN
Angela Couch - RN Daniel Dause - RN
Nathan Enlow - RN Mellanie Evans - RN
Keith Felts - RN Vicki Feuerborn - RN
Michelle Fisher - RN Delena Goss - RN
Terri Mae Griggs - RN Rhonda Hanan - RN
Rosemary Hardbarger - RN Dana Hayworth - RN
Linda Huddleston - RN April Hughes - RN
Katy Hutson - RN Rachel Jones - RN
Joshua Karhoff - RN Donna Kelley - RN
Cheryl Kilgore - RN Holly King - RN
Lisa Ann Knight - RN Krysten Knight - RN
Susan Kulla - RN Beverly Lacy - RN
Janice Landsaw - RN Kendra Laufer - RN
Robyn Laughlin - RN Theresa Leep - RN
Jamie Leonard - RN Bradah Littlefield - RN
Kathy Loepp - RN Bernadette Loken - RN
Diane Marshall - RN Rebecca McDaniel - RN
Jennifer McDermott - RN Catherine Moody - RN
Michael Morgan - RN Anne Moser - RN
Halee' Nasworthy - RN Kelly Nida - RN
Joyce Nostrand - RN Jennifer Oakley - RN
Traci Owen - RN Dana Patton - RN
Monica Perkins - RN Keylee Pilkington - RN
Kimberly Ramsey - RN Karen Redden - RN
Lindsay Rehm - RN Amy Retheford - RN
Darlene Reynolds - RN Carrieretha Rigsby - RN
Ellen Rodriguez - RN Marla Rogers - RN
Christina Salyer - RN Michelle Schwartz - RN
Renee Sharp - RN Debra Shepard - RN
Alecia Siegfried - RN Carissa Simmons - RN
Shelly Smith - RN Tamara Sortet - RN
Roxanne Sparks - RN Julie Spears - RN
Mary Stebens - RN Lynn Sund - RN
Kairie Swift - RN Diane Taylor - RN
James Taylor - RN Lori Taylor - RN
Jessica Tidmore - RN Lindsay Tincup - RN
Megan Toppins - RN Sandra Uphold - RN
Patricia Vavricka - RN Elizabeth Venable - RN
Mark Westbrook - RN Tammy Williams - RN
Jeffrey Williams - RN Sonya Wynn - RN

2014 Honorees
Shannon Arnold - RN Janet Bahr - RN
Carol Baldwin - RN Pam Barber - RN
Lazelle Benefield - RN Jeff Benson - RN
Karen Berryman - RN Alicia Boatright - RN
Angela Bowen - RN Carol Bowles - RN
Robert Bray - RN Mona Brown - RN
Donna Buchanan - RN Gina Bullock - RN
Franchelle Burkhalter - RN Teri Bycroft - RN
Jennifer Carlyon - RN Shirley Carlyon - RN
Lisa Carver - RN Joy Carver - RN
Casey Cassidy - RN Jessica Charron - RN
Judee Chilson - RN Linda Clayton - RN
Lynn Clutter - RN Katherine Conway - RN
Mellisa Copeland - RN Delores Copp - RN
Kerri Craddock - RN Elizabeth Crawford - RN
Imalee Crow - RN Sara Davis - RN
Nathan Dilley - RN Marilyn Dye - RN
Louise Easter - RN Lindsey Erwin - RN
Bobbie Fields - RN Bonnie Galvan - RN
Kimberly Glazier - RN Brent Haggard - RN
Sheila Halligan - RN John Hambrick - RN
Haile Hamilton - RN Nancy Harden - RN
Margaret Hardin - RN Jenice Hendricks - RN
Katherine Hollenbeck - RN Tina Hughes - RN
Annette James - RN Cindy Jarrett - RN
Cynthia Johnson - RN Linda Jones - RN
Wendi Jukubiak - RN Ellen Lamb - RN
Cindy Lyons - RN Kimbrely Mack - RN
Margie Maletich - RN Denise McConnell - RN
Deanna Moore - RN Brandy Moore - RN
Nancy Moran - RN Cassandra Nagel - RN
Laren Neumeyer - RN Marguerite Parker - RN
Carolyn Parks - RN Jamie Popp - RN
Julia Profit - RN Lori Rankin - RN
Amy Richards - RN Amber Roberts - RN
Carol Rogers - RN Laura Sanders - RN
Helen Sears - RN Terri Sellers - RN
Hilary Sharp - RN Jill Sledge - RN
Tina Smith - RN Karen Smith - RN
Dorothy Snider-Peters - RN Donetta Starks - RN
Melanie Stopp - RN Jodie Marie Tanquary-Williams - RN
Loretta Thompson - RN Logan Thronebury - RN
Ralania Tignor - RN Tiffany Tolbert - RN
Denise Townsend - RN Joy Upshaw - RN
Scarlet Virden - RN Sue Vogler - RN
Mandy Waters - RN Renee Watkins - RN
Amy Wells - RN Julie Whitford - RN
Linda Wiland - RN Tammy Wood - RN
Lisa Woodworth - RN Nicole Wright - RN
Heather Yoder - RN Sheryl Young - RN


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