It is a great honor in the life of a nurse...

The Great 100 Nurses Foundation was founded by PK Scheerle, RN in New Orleans, Louisiana 33 years ago. Since its founding, the Great 100 Celebrations have honored thousands of Nurses across Louisiana, North Carolina, Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas. These exemplary Nurses are selected based on their concern for humanity, their contributions to the profession of Nursing, and their mentoring of others. It is a great honor in the life of the Nurse to be selected as a Great 100 Honoree and our Foundation helps each RN recognize themselves as Nurse Heroes.

We are very proud of our program. Each year, community, health care, government leaders, family, friends and peers join together to honor these Great 100 Nurses.

The funds we raise through our Celebration are used not only to honor the nurses you will meet at our annual Celebrations, but to also support nursing advocacy, nursing scholarships, and nursing research for the betterment of lives, publication of nursing discoveries and the implementation of those discoveries.

The Great 100 Nurses Celebration belongs to everyone who has met and been touched by an exceptional Nurse!

Great 100 Nurses Celebration of Arkansas

Tuesday, April 9, 2019
Embassy Suites Hotel
11301 Financial Centre Parkway
Little Rock, Arkansas 72211

7:00 PM and Celebration to follow!

By Personal Invitation Only

Keynote Speaker:


Stuart D. Downs, DNP, RN, NEA-BC, CENP, CPHQ Vice President and Chief Operating Officer WellStar Atlanta Medical Center

Cash Bar • Business Casual Attire

Honorees and their guests are invited to attend our annual Great 100 Nurses Celebration at the Embassy Suites Hotel in Little Rock. A lovely sit-down dinner will be served after the recognition ceremony.

Now is your chance to honor those special nurses…

We have all met an outstanding nurse whose courage, stamina, and compassion makes a difference. Now you can honor that special nurse who has exemplified concern for humanity, dedication to the great profession of nursing, and the mentoring of others.

Directions for Nomination Submission:

  • Ensure nominee is currently a Registered Nurse in Arkansas and has not been previously selected as a Great 100 Nurse Honoree.
  • Please do not submit resumes as they are not used during the judging process.
  • The nomination form must be submitted by January 21, 2019 to be eligible. Completed forms can be faxed to (504) 217-5468, emailed to nominations@g100nurses.org or mailed to the address on the form.
  • Announcement of the Great 100 Nurses will be made in February 2019.
  • Each Great 100 Nurse will receive a certificate in honor of their accomplishments and an Honoree pin.
  • You may nominate as many qualified nurses as you like.

An anonymous panel of nurses select the Great 100 Nurse Honorees based on the following criteria:

  • How has your nominee shown concern for humanity?

  • What do you consider your nominee's most significant contribution to the profession?

  • How has your nominee served as a mentor or role model for others?

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Our success is due to our many sponsors every year.

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Thank you to our 2018 Arkansas Sponsors

University of Arkansas Medical Center

Arkansas Children's Hospital
Baptist Health
Gifted Healthcare

CHI St. Vincent Conway Regional Health System

North Arkansas Regional Medical Center


The Great 100 Nurses Celebration Honorees

2019 Honorees

Randy G. Abbott, RN

Tamara D. Abernathy, RN

Tamietra L. Aldridge, RN

Destiny N. Allison, RN

Brandi R. Alred, RN

Maeghan E. Arnold, RN

Brittany L. Aultman, RN

Tara M. Bartsch, RN

Amanda S. Beaver, RN

Richard D. Bloesch, RN

Melinda G. Bona, RN

Kayla J. Bond, RN

Lindsey K. Bourne, RN

Kristen L. Bradley , RN

Noelle C. Bradley , RN

Elizabeth A. Bright, RN

Jody A. Bryant, RN

Stephanie L. Burnett, RN

Catherine A. Caffrey, RN

Tamara N. Carroll, RN

Nancy E. Casali, RN

Kelly B. Castleman, RN

Patricia A. Cowan, RN

Katie R. Cox, RN

Aliene F. Crane, RN

Beverly J. Crites, RN

Leah N. Cunningham, RN

William B. Davidson, RN

Katherine A. Davis, RN

Lori A. Davis, RN

Darrell R. Dodd, RN

Christine C. Duellman, RN

Andrea K. Easom, RN

Donna J. Elrod, RN

Beverly S. English, RN

Shannon A. Finley, RN

Sandra K. Foster, RN

Antoinette M. Frazier-Crawford, RN

Brendi L. Gale, RN

Michelle B. Gann, RN

Jennifer L. Gernat, RN

Melissa S. Goodson, RN

Justin D. Goucher, RN

Heather L. Gray, RN

Marisa L. Green, RN

Patricia S. Griffith, RN

Carolyn D. Hicks, RN

Stephanie L. Ingraham, RN

Amanda B. Irby, RN

Russell D. Johnson, RN

Tammy C. Jones, RN

Twyla Jordan-Thornton, RN

Pamela J. LaBorde, RN

Clayton R. Leigh, RN

Perry D. MacLaird, RN

Patricia D. Marshall, RN

Tyree S. Mathenia, RN

Leslie R. McCormack, RN

Leah S. McDaniel, RN

Tonya D. McGary, RN

Terry L. Minton, RN

Anita J. Mitchell, RN

Shannon K. Nachtigal, RN

Corey L. Nagel, RN

Jacqueline L. Nunn, RN

Lou A. Oade, RN

Melinda K. Peer, RN

Sonya P. Pegues, RN

Rosalyn J. Perkins, RN

Virginia K. Ralston, RN

Perla D. Rambo, RN

Joyce E. Randof, RN

Joanna M. Rankin, RN

Clinta C. Reed, RN

Justin C. Richard, RN

Leah D. Richardson, RN

Byron L. Robinson, RN

Janet L. Rooker, RN

Hazel H. Rowe, RN

Brenda L. Roy, RN

Rebecca R. Sartini, RN

Trella R. Shores, RN

Melissa C. Slater, RN

Kimberly M. Stickley, RN

Brian N. Strack, RN

Anita K. Tabor, RN

Lauren E. Taylor, RN

Bethane A. Terauchi, RN

Caroline L. Tingquist, RN

James A. Traylor, RN

Stephanie E. Trotter, RN

Mary F. Tucker, RN

Elisabeth E. Velte, RN

Shannon N. Verch, RN

Jillian M. Walker, RN

Laura E. Walker, RN

Misty B. Walthall, RN

Sherri D. Ward, RN

Taylor L. Willis, RN

Erica M. Woods, RN


2018 Honorees
Jackie Archer, RN

Jill Avery, RN

Claudia Barone, RN

Elizabeth Beazley, RN

Maria Bell, RN

Amber Bellcock, RN

Erin Berry, RN

Shelly Berry, RN

Matthew Bishop, RN

Gina Boshears, RN

Jan Bowen, RN

Christina Bricker, RN

Dawn Brown, RN

Lana Brown, RN

Terry Brown, RN

Wendy Burgener, RN

Catherine Buzbee, RN

Kristen Carter, RN

Pamela Cochran, RN

Jackie Cotton, RN

Beth Crowder, RN

Kimberly Crutchfield, RN

Polly Davenport, RN

Christina Davis, RN

Leonie DeClerk, RN

Gloria Dickson, RN

Lauren Dreher, RN

Sarah Duck, RN

Nancy Embry, RN

Paula Evans, RN

Ruth Fisher, RN

Cindy Forestiere, RN

Marshal Fuller, RN

Kristina Garcia, RN

Deena Garner, RN

Brandi Gause, RN

Donna Gullette, RN

Zoe Hackett-Bolin, RN

Kathleen Hanson, RN

Rhianna Harberson, RN

Suzanne Harris, RN

Andrea Harrison, RN

David Hathcock, RN

Shauna Haynes, RN

Seongkum Heo, RN

Pamela Horton, RN

Terri Imus, RN

Souraya Irani, RN

Mary Beth Jacob, RN

Jennifer Janisko, RN

Joy Jennings, RN

C. Renee Joiner, RN

Connie Jordan, RN

Robbi Kulik, RN

Karen LaBonte, RN

Rochelle LaFoon, RN

Brandon LeQuieu, RN

Angie Longing, RN

Sandra Lubin, RN

Ellyn Matthews, RN

Donna Middaugh, RN

Marilyn Minor, RN

Jeannette Minyard, RN

Charles Molsbee, RN

Melanie Morrison, RN

Sindee Morse, RN

Meredith Morton, RN

Heather Moseby, RN

Susan Patton, RN

Terri Pendergraft, RN

Dara Penn, RN

Janet Perry, RN

Kathryn Pierce, RN

Janna Pipho, RN

Angie Pruitt, RN

Larronda Rainey, RN

Lisa Robinson, RN

Stephanie Rockett, RN

Mary Salassi-Scotter, RN

Stuart Scott, RN

Georgia Seward, RN

Danielle Shelby, RN

Barbara Smith, RN

Ginny Smith, RN

Courtney Steele, RN

Sharon Stevenson, RN

James Tanner, RN

Bethany Taylor, RN

Holly Taylor, RN

Stephanie Taylor, RN

Devin Terry, RN

Rachel Trull, RN

Nicole Ward, RN

Amy Warford, RN

Amanda White, RN

Teresa Whited, RN

Sarah Wilson, RN

Benjamin Woodson-Kenon, RN

Patricia Wright, RN

Salena Wright-Brown, RN


2017 Honorees
Julie K. Acree - RN Pamela A. Adams - RN
Jocelyn S. Aguon - RN Traci F. Altman. - RN
Julie Atkins - RN Brittany Beasley - RN
Ruby Jean Ben - RN Tina L. Benton - RN
Claudia Jean Beverly - RN Stephanie A. Blackwood - RN
Nancy Boykin - RN Shelia I. Brady - RN
William Shannon Bratton - RN Ashley V. Breaux - RN
Cynthia J. Brown - RN Sandra Brown - RN
Tammy Burr - RN Margo N. Bushmiaer - RN
Aurelia Celestine - RN B. Darlene Byrd - RN
Hannah Cater - RN Carolyn L. Ciak - RN
Melonese A. Clarke - RN Lori M. Cooper - RN
Bennie J. Craft - RN Cynthia Crone - RN
Jennifer Elmore - RN Susan T. Erickson - RN
Panfilo Estrada-Flores - RN Britni Fannin- RN
Faith Fields - RN Mary Helen Forrest - RN
Kimberly E. Gardenhire- RN Christopher D. Gardner - RN
Jeremy S. Garner - RN Donna M. Givens - RN
Cristin L. Goodner - RN Sandra J. Grinder - RN
Clarissa M. Hardman - RN Melodee L. Harris - RN
Shirlene W. Harris - RN Amy L. Hester - RN
Tennille L. Hill - RN Derick Holmes - RN
Edward H. Horton - RN Amy C. Huett - RN
Delia L. James - RN Cheryl F. Jones - RN
Sara L. Jones - RN Chelsea A. Kellow- Hedge - RN
Joseph Kennon - RN Christina A. Ketchum - RN
Cody W. Kindy - RN Leanne L. Lefler - RN
Cathy J. Lennartz - RN Lance K. Lindow - RN
Carolyn M. Martin - RN Brad M. Massey - RN
Taana R. McClain - RN Stephanie McGaha - RN
Jean C. McSweeney - RN Christina L. Miller - RN
Keith S. Moll - RN Lane Morris - RN
Shelia D. Newton - RN Angela D. Norman - RN
Linda S. Orrell - RN Amy L. Overton McCoy - RN
Susan K. Patton - RN Alice Kristine Penn - RN
Stephen J. Pennington - RN Laura Kathryn Phillips - RN
Susan B. Porter - RN Joetta D. Powell - RN
Librada A. Ramirez - RN Anja Rassmann - RN
Lori Reynolds - RN Sarah J. Rhoades - RN
Mary Roberts - RN Christina L. Rone-Weaver - RN
Samantha J. Rose - RN Pamela D. Royal - RN
Marie Sandusky - RN Brook M. Scalzo - RN
Karen J. Scott - RN Brenda Jo Scott - RN
Sherrie A. Searcy-Lyle - RN Judith E. Seidenschnur - RN
Julia A. Sindle - RN Kaylee C. Sisoukrath - RN
Diane Smith - RN Deborah A. Spadoni - RN
Lisa J. Speer - RN Misty A. Staub - RN
Mercy N. Vaughn - RN Penny Ward - RN
Jill C. Warner - RN Clint A. Weigel - RN
Deonna Whatley - RN Mary Jane Willard - RN
Kristin E. Williams - RN


If you would like to volunteer, please send an email with your contact information to
info@g100nurses.org and we will send you more information.

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