It is a great honor in the life of a nurse...

The Great 100 Nurses Foundation was founded in New Orleans, Louisiana twenty-nine years ago and since then has honored thousands of Nurses across Louisiana, North Carolina, Texas, and now Oklahoma. These exemplary Nurses are selected based on their concern for humanity, their contributions to the profession of Nursing, and their mentoring of others. It is a great honor in the life of the Nurse. Our Foundation helps each | RN walk taller and recognize themselves as Nurse Heroes.

We are very proud of our program. Each year, community, civic, health care and government leaders, family, friends and peers join together to honor these Great 100 Nurses.

The funds we raise through our Celebration are used not only to honor the Nurses you will meet at our annual Celebrations, but to also support nursing advocacy, nursing scholarships, research for the betterment of lives, publication of nursing discoveries and the implementation of those discoveries.

The Great 100 Nurses Celebration belongs to everyone who has met and been touched by an exceptional Nurse!

2015 Great 100 Nurses Celebrations

Great 100 Nurses Celebration of Louisiana

Wednesday October 14, 2015
Pontchartrain Center
4545 Williams Blvd
Kenner, LA 70065

Open to the General Public

Honorees, their families and the nursing community are invited to our 29th Great 100 Nurses Celebration to enjoy great music, delicious food generously donated by New Orleans' finest restaurants.

Great 100 Nurses Celebration of Oklahoma

Wednesday, September 30, 2015
Hard Rock Hotel & Casino
777 W. Cherokee St
Tulsa, OK 74015

By Personal Invitation Only

Honorees and their guests are invited to attend our second annual Great 100 Nurses Celebration at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Tulsa. A lovely sit-down dinner will be served after the recognition ceremony.

2015 Nominations

Now is your chance to honor those special nurses…

We have all met an outstanding nurse whose courage, stamina, and compassion makes a difference. Now you can honor that special nurse who has exemplified concern for humanity, dedication to the great profession of nursing, and the mentoring of others.

Directions for Nomination Submission:

  • Ensure nominee is currently a Registered Nurse in the state of their nomination and has not been previously selected as a Great 100 Honoree.
  • The completed nomination form must be submitted by July 24, 2015 for Oklahoma and August 3, 2015 for Louisiana to be eligible. Forms may be completed electronically and emailed to nominations@g100nurses.org, faxed to (504)831-3686, or mailed to the address on the form.
  • Announcement of the Great 100 Nurses for Oklahoma will be made in early August 2015.
  • Announcement of the Great 100 Nurses for Louisiana will be made in early September 2015.
  • Each Great 100 Nurse will receive a certificate and custom pin in honor of their accomplishments.
  • You may nominate as many qualified nurses as you feel appropriate.

An anonymous panel of nurses select the Great 100 Nurse Honorees based on the following criteria:

  • How has your nominee shown concern for humanity?
  • What do you consider your nominee's most significant contribution to the profession?
  • How has your nominee served as a mentor or role model for others?

Great 100 Nurses Celebration of Louisiana

Nominations Accepted May 18 – August 3, 2015

>> Click here for 2015 Louisiana Nomination Form <<

Great 100 Nurses Celebration of Oklahoma

Nominations Accepted May 4 – July 24, 2015

>> Click here for 2015 Oklahoma Nomination Form <<


Our success is due to our many sponsors every year.

Level of Sponsorship

Full page inside front or back cover or
other premium placement ad in program
(Placement based on First-come, first-served basis)

Full page color ad, interior page in program

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Great 100 Nurses Celebration Past Honorees

Louisiana Honorees

2014 Honorees
Stacey Anderson - RN Julia Azzinari - RN
Sharon Bangs - RN Anita Becker - RN
Kela Bickham - RN Gretchen Binet - RN
Amy Blanchard - RN Bridgitte Boehm - RN
Jason Bordes - RN April Brabham - RN
Kelly Braud - RN Jennifer Brock - RN
Daphne Caldwell - RN Kathleen Camp - RN
Sandy Carragan - RN Cynthia Cassidy - RN
Patricia Chandler - RN Betty Charles - RN
Angela Cheramie - RN Nicole Chiasson - RN
Tara Comeaux - RN Dr. Christy Cook-Perry - RN
Mary Culotta - RN Josephine D'Amico - RN
Megan Dauenhauer - RN Laquana Davis - RN
Stephanie DeBarbieris - RN Debra Dumas-Hicks - RN
Tabitha Duvernay - RN Ronda Edwards-Badie - RN
Jamie Findley - RN James Foley - RN
Nicolle Fox - RN Melissa Gelpi - RN
Leslie Goldsmith - RN Kathy Graham - RN
Cathryn Green - RN Krystle Hampton - RN
Angele Hargis - RN DeShandra Hayes - RN
Anna Heim - RN Gena Henriques - RN
Laurel Henry - RN Julie Henry - RN
Amelie Hollier - RN Cielena Houck - RN
Frances Hughes - RN Carol Kennan - RN
Peggy Lentz - RN Dr. Travis Lewis - RN
Cheryl Martinez - RN Marie Maywalt - RN
Penny Menge - RN Oddistine Moore - RN
Sabrina Morales - RN Rachel Munoz - RN
Heidi Nugent - RN Dana Olivier - RN
Anne Orillion - RN Maria Pesantes - RN
Tara Pontti - RN Jeanne Redmann - RN
Lisa Revolta - RN Joan Rickmeier - RN
Brady Rivet - RN Amisha Robillard - RN
Amanda Ronquille - RN Darnell Rousell - RN
Shelley Sampey - RN Laura Schilling - RN
Dana Schmitt - RN Michael Scholl Jr. - RN
Bettina Schreiner - RN Melissa Shubert - RN
Annalee Starks - RN Kathy Steiner - RN
Coy Steinkampf - RN Maureen Strain - RN
Vicki Strecker - RN Jessica Suit - RN
Margaret Swett-Schulz - RN Abigail Sykes - RN
Elizabeth Szabo - RN Lori Teachworth - RN
Ashley Theriault - RN Brent Thibodeaux - RN
Angela Totora - RN Philippa Tramell - RN
Tina Tran - RN Scott Tranchina - RN
Deborah Trascher - RN Linda Vandyke - RN
Marlene Verdin - RN Scott Verret - RN
Bryan Wagner - RN Candice Waguespack - RN
Barbara Waller - RN Schyler Wesolowski - RN
Evelyn Zeno - RN

2013 Honorees
Kristi Alcina - RN Joycelyn Allen - RN
Amanda Arthur - RN Bryan Baker - RN
Erin Barry - RN Kathleen Beaudion - RN
Walter Black - RN Susan Blackburn - RN
Paula Bland - RN Sharon Borgstede - RN
Marcia Briseno - RN Tina Brou - RN
Catherine Bueche - RN Jessica Cashio - RN
Tara Clesi - RN Eva Cortez - RN
Britt DeBlonde - RN Tina Dunnington - RN
Dana Duplantis - RN Jamie Falcon - RN
Steven Fava - RN Malinda Ferrell - RN
Christine Ferry - RN Monique Fleming - RN
Kim Foret - RN Shirley Grimmett - RN
Kathryn Hayden - RN Reginald Jackson - RN
Michelle Kay - RN Trenice Knoten-Roché - RN
Linda Kraemer - RN Shane Landreaux - RN
Nantawadee “Tim” Lee - RN Hillary Luminais - RN
Janis Lydick - RN Shannon Manzella - RN
Donna Martin - RN Elizabeth McElveen - RN
Consuelo Mejia - RN Belinda Miller - RN
Jennifer Moran - RN Ian Nygren - RN
Pam Pellegrin - RN Diana Perry - RN
Donna Pitre - RN Randy Rosamond - RN
Michelle Rouyer - RN Pamela Ruffin - RN
Shani Schexnayder - RN Kendra Scott - RN
Michelle Sigur - RN Elizabeth “Betsy” Spiers - RN
Danita Sullivan - RN Geri Tannehill - RN
Amber Thibodeaux - RN Teri Walters - RN
Christa Wilborn - RN Melanie Williams - RN
Teresa “Tracy” Wilson - RN Melvin Bacchus - RN
Janet Barbre - RN Michelle Blanke - RN
Juan Cañas - RN Marlene Cousins - RN
Christy Craven - RN Gretchen Deeves - RN
Tracy Dermody - RN Julia DiGiovanni - RN
Judyann Dilbert - RN Geralyn Dugas - RN
D’Lane Edward-Alexander - RN Roxane Elliott - RN
Challis Fine - RN Janine Fontenot - RN
Denise Fortenberry - RN Heather Frught - RN
Nathalie Gilder - RN Melissa Graham - RN
Kelly Guidry - RN Blaine Guthrie - RN
Nicole Guttierrez - RN Kevin Harris - RN
Ella Kliebert - RN Brandi Leboeuf - RN
Cynthia Lewis - RN Jennifer Martin - RN
Brittany Mobley - RN Debra Moran - RN
Carla Odom - RN Christine “Niki” Peppo - RN
Patricia Phillips - RN Jennifer Pourciau - RN
Tanis Quillens - RN Darla Rebowe - RN
Tiffany Richard - RN Sharon Sauce - RN
Ann Seal - RN Laura Tarcza - RN
Nicole Tharpe - RN Sothary Wilson - RN

2012 Honorees
Toni Armstrong - RN Michelle Babin - RN
Jennifer Badeaux - RN Kimberly Barcia - RN
Tracy Battard - RN Jennifer Benoit - RN
Norman Bentley - RN Toni Bergeron - RN
Laura Bergeron-Hart - RN Edith Bonds - RN
Suyapa Bordelon - RN Kelly Bou - RN
Erika Boudreaux - RN Nancy Boudreaux - RN
Erika Boudreaux - RN Nancy Boudreaux - RN
Marguerite Breaux - RN Christopher Cahill - RN
Mary Lou Carbo - RN Liz Carruso - RN
Jean Cefalu - RN Claudia Celestand - RN
Rebecca Charneco - RN Kimberly Cheramie - RN
Jennifer Coates - RN Dawn Cooper - RN
Elizabeth Cox - RN Ashley Crawford - RN
Charlotte Daigle - RN Holly Daquana - RN
Barbara D'Aunoy - RN Patrice Davis - RN
Denise Davis - RN Monique Davis-Green - RN
Kathryn Delaune - RN Jessica Demoulette - RN
Yanti Dinkelacker - RN Glenda Dobson - RN
Janene Ducote - RN Christa Duplantis - RN
Jennifer Dupont - RN Georgianna Dupont - RN
Ricardo Espinosa - RN Jessica Evins - RN
Jonathan Faust - RN Shaney Ferrell - RN
Clothilde Gard - RN Michael Gary - RN
Jamie Gautreaux - RN Melinda Glenn - RN
Cynthia Gould - RN Kellie Graffagnino - RN
Gerald Guidry - RN JoAnn Guidry - RN
Angela Guillory - RN Kathy Haase - RN
Lynn Hamilton - RN Monique Harlton - RN
Arianna Hebert - RN Judy Hennessey - RN
Elsa Marie Hodges-Cleary - RN Ray Holmes - RN
Geraldine Hopper - RN Jean Jackman - RN
Rebecca Jones - RN Carol Kemp - RN
Heather Kline - RN Tarcela Koban - RN
Kristy Koontz - RN Lisa Kowitz - RN
David Lambert - RN Kelly Landry - RN
Kathy Ledet - RN Cheryl Lopez - RN
Stacey Lovette - RN Roxana Marin - RN
Kimberly Mathisen - RN Cynthia Miller - RN
Martha Miller - RN Donna Molay - RN
Alma Nixon - RN Joell Offner - RN
Andrew Pitt - RN Melissa Pitts - RN
Bruce Pizzalato - RN Tracy Robert - RN
Kelly Smith - RN Carla Smith - RN
Sara Sporar - RN Amanda Theriot - RN
Julia Tipton - RN Kelly Trahan - RN
Christine Vega - RN Melissa Von Almen - RN
Gregorie Walden - RN Katherine Walker - RN
Melissa Watson - RN James Weaver - RN
Christy Wideg - RN Lesa Wilks - RN
Cheryl Woods - RN Annette Young - RN

Oklahoma Honorees

2014 Honorees
Shannon Arnold - RN Janet Bahr - RN
Carol Baldwin - RN Pam Barber - RN
Lazelle Benefield - RN Jeff Benson - RN
Karen Berryman - RN Alicia Boatright - RN
Angela Bowen - RN Carol Bowles - RN
Robert Bray - RN Mona Brown - RN
Donna Buchanan - RN Gina Bullock - RN
Franchelle Burkhalter - RN Teri Bycroft - RN
Jennifer Carlyon - RN Shirley Carlyon - RN
Lisa Carver - RN Joy Carver - RN
Casey Cassidy - RN Jessica Charron - RN
Judee Chilson - RN Linda Clayton - RN
Lynn Clutter - RN Katherine Conway - RN
Mellisa Copeland - RN Delores Copp - RN
Kerri Craddock - RN Elizabeth Crawford - RN
Imalee Crow - RN Sara Davis - RN
Nathan Dilley - RN Marilyn Dye - RN
Louise Easter - RN Lindsey Erwin - RN
Bobbie Fields - RN Bonnie Galvan - RN
Kimberly Glazier - RN Brent Haggard - RN
Sheila Halligan - RN John Hambrick - RN
Haile Hamilton - RN Nancy Harden - RN
Margaret Hardin - RN Jenice Hendricks - RN
Katherine Hollenbeck - RN Tina Hughes - RN
Annette James - RN Cindy Jarrett - RN
Cynthia Johnson - RN Linda Jones - RN
Wendi Jukubiak - RN Ellen Lamb - RN
Cindy Lyons - RN Kimbrely Mack - RN
Margie Maletich - RN Denise McConnell - RN
Deanna Moore - RN Brandy Moore - RN
Nancy Moran - RN Cassandra Nagel - RN
Laren Neumeyer - RN Marguerite Parker - RN
Carolyn Parks - RN Jamie Popp - RN
Julia Profit - RN Lori Rankin - RN
Amy Richards - RN Amber Roberts - RN
Carol Rogers - RN Laura Sanders - RN
Helen Sears - RN Terri Sellers - RN
Hilary Sharp - RN Jill Sledge - RN
Tina Smith - RN Karen Smith - RN
Dorothy Snider-Peters - RN Donetta Starks - RN
Melanie Stopp - RN Jodie Marie Tanquary-Williams - RN
Loretta Thompson - RN Logan Thronebury - RN
Ralania Tignor - RN Tiffany Tolbert - RN
Denise Townsend - RN Joy Upshaw - RN
Scarlet Virden - RN Sue Vogler - RN
Mandy Waters - RN Renee Watkins - RN
Amy Wells - RN Julie Whitford - RN
Linda Wiland - RN Tammy Wood - RN
Lisa Woodworth - RN Nicole Wright - RN
Heather Yoder - RN Sheryl Young - RN


There are many ways to contribute to
the Great 100 Nurses Foundation…

We have several committees that would love
to have new volunteers in both Louisiana and Oklahoma.
Those committees include:

Auction / Fundraising
This committee acquires donations for our
Silent Auction Table and our Great 100 Tree.

Restaurants / Food
This committee acquires donations
from the fabulous restaurants in the Greater New Orleans Area

Event Day Activities
This committee will help setup the event,
tables, chairs, decorations, run errands and more!

We especially encourage past Great 100 Nurse Honorees, nursing students,
along with friends of nursing or just a person who loves to help to join us!

Please click below and fill out the short form and
let us know how you would like to be a part of this wonderful celebration!

Great 100 Nurses Celebration of Louisiana

>> Click here to send Louisiana Volunteer Request <<

Great 100 Nurses Celebration of Oklahoma

>> Click here to send Oklahoma Volunteer Request <<



If you or someone you know is interested in supporting
the Great 100 Nurses please email info@g100nurses.org
or call us at 504.539.4378 for more information

Mailing Address:
Great 100 Nurses Foundation
2748 Metairie Lawn Drive
Metairie, LA 70002

Monday-Friday 9am-5pm
Fax (504)831-3686

Great 100 Nurses Celebration of Louisiana

Great 100 Nurses Celebration of Oklahoma